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AC JOINT Osteoarthritis

What is ac-osteoarthritis?


Ac-osteoarthritis (clavicle osteoarthritis) is a chronic disease in which the articular cartilage breaks down gradually. It is not entirely certain why the cartilage is damaged. Working with the arm in front of the body or above the head are risk factors. Examples of occupations that can be affected by acromioclavicular osteoarthritis are painters and window cleaners. Previous fracture or other joint damage, for example if the collarbone has become dislocated, may increase the risk of developing wear and tear. With increasing age, it becomes more common to suffer from Ac-osteoarthritis.

The outer part of the collarbone attaches to the shoulder blade protrusion and forms the acromioclavicular joint, which is often shortened to the ac joint. The ac joint contributes to the great mobility we have in the shoulder.


Treatment of collarbone osteoarthritis - Alta Vita


Symptoms of ac-osteoarthritis


The pain is often on the shoulder. It is not uncommon for pressure to be tender over the collarbone joint and a visible hard swelling can form in the area. For example, you get pain in the shoulder in the top position when you lift the arm, if you lie on the bad side or if you move the arm at shoulder height towards the opposite shoulder. Resting pains may occur.


Treatment of osteoarthritis of the collarbone joint


The most important thing we do is a review of what the load on the shoulder looks like in the patient's everyday life and training. Often, only adjustments there can lead to reduced discomfort. With the adjustments made, we try to produce  rehab training  which does not trigger the o-joint osteoarthritis. If pain from the area has persisted for a long period, manual treatment of surrounding structures can reduce the discomfort and increase painless mobility.

With  ultrasound diagnostics  we can see if there is an inflammation in the joint. If the pain is intense and does not want to go away, then we can offer the patient one  ultrasound-guided cortisone injection  which usually calms down the Ac joint osteoarthritis. In cases where none of our attempts help, we send the patient on to the orthopedist for a position on any surgery of the joint. During an operation, a small piece of the outer part of the collarbone is removed to reduce the compression in the joint.

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