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FAI (CAM / Pincer)

What is FAI (CAM / Pincer)


FAI (CAM / Pincer) is a femur acetabular pinch syndrome located at the front of the hip area. It can also be called having hip implants. This is due to joint changes such as when it is on the cartilage ring, the labrum that sits around the hip joint edge of the pelvis, it is called Pincer. When the changes are on the joint head / femoral neck, it is called CAM. You can have these changes individually and in combination. The changes lead to it becoming crowded and a pinching position occurs between the femoral neck / joint head and the joint edge of the pelvis, with pain as a result.    

It is most common for people who are active in sports to be affected. It is suspected that a lot of strain on the hip joint before growing out can be a reason why this occurs. This can also occur after a fracture of the femoral neck or pelvis.


Symptoms of Femuro-acetabular impingement


These patients experience pain in the front hip, groin pain in the deep under load. Some individuals get hurt if they sit for a long time. The mobility of the hip is often restricted, especially inward rotation and flexion (bending the leg upwards in the hip). Sometimes the pain can be transferred to the outer hip. If you have accidentally loaded the hip too much in provocative positions, you can experience rest pain afterwards, otherwise this is not common.

To strengthen the manual examination can  ultrasound diagnostics  done on the hip. Then we can see and measure any damage and bone deposits in the area and also see part of the lab room.

Treatment at FAI  


If possible, it is important to identify the causes of FAI (CAM / Pincer). Is there any activity that triggers the pain? Good to avoid movements that give the characteristic pinching pain on the front hip, groin. Only that action can result in a general improvement. If the patient has been doing this for a longer period, the muscles are often secondarily affected in the hip / seat region. Muscular treatment, often with  shock wave therapy  can contribute to reduced discomfort. Mobilization of the hip without provoking pain can contribute to increased mobility. Exercise rehabilitation of the hip is started in parallel with treatment.

There is no improvement with treatment and  rehabilitation training  then we refer the patient on to the orthopedist for further investigation and decision on any surgery.

Prognosis for femuroacetabular impingement  


FAI (CAM / Pincer) problems that have not lasted that long, or if the problems are to be counted as mild, the prognosis for treatment looks good. Especially if you can identify what triggers the problems and learn to avoid activity that disturbs the hip. You then give the area a chance to calm down and in combination with treatment and exercise, the pain usually calms down and mobility improves.

If you have gone a long way with your problems. or if the pain intensity is high, the prognosis worsens. The risk of developing osteoarthritis of the hip is then increased.


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