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Exercise rehabilitation

How should exercise rehabilitation be carried out?


It is a delicate art to train a damaged structure on another person without aggravating the discomfort. The purpose is often to increase the load tolerance in the damaged structure, so that it gradually withstands more and more load. In training, we want to try to be close to the limit for increased discomfort, without increasing the discomfort. This is to achieve success in your training rehabilitation as quickly as possible. It is about a collaboration between physiotherapist and patient. Where we need to get information from the patient about how it feels and is experienced, to be able to steer the training in the right direction.

Often a treatment consists of a combination of manual treatment, exercise rehabilitation and instructions for self-treatment. We can start with manual treatment to reduce pain / aches, relieve tension and get mobility started. Thereafter, the patient is usually more receptive to exercise.


We never train more than one person at a time. The time we booked with a patient is exclusive to that particular person. If we are to be able to maintain quality, we must also be able to focus on the patient we have in front of us.

We follow the patient as they train and place great focus on the right movement pattern being trained, that the right pace in the exercises is maintained, weight and exercise adjustments are made depending on the reaction during and after the training. In other words, it is important for us to be involved and guide, adjust and teach the patient how to train. We at Alta Vita Physiotherapy all have extensive experience of exercise rehabilitation and our own training.


Well-equipped training facility


We have actively chosen to have our reception in a healthy and fresh environment. As exercise rehabilitation is an important part of our treatment, it is obvious that we should be in a non-limiting exercise environment.

Exercise rehabilitation at Alta Vita Physiotherapy

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