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Alta Vita is physiotherapy when it is at its best! We have over 40 years of combined experience in caring for orthopedic problems. The company was started in 2002. Orthopedics is our specialty and all are further trained in OMT (orthopedic manual therapy) and sports medicine. We work a lot with manual treatments and exercise rehabilitation, often in combination. All so that you as a patient can be quickly restored and better equipped than before the injury occurred.

You are in safe hands at Alta Vita Fysioterapi.


Ultrasound diagnostics


If you have an injury / pain, we can concretely see the extent of the injury and give you a professional assessment. You will be notified directly by us and we can give you an accurate proposal for optimal rehab. We physiotherapists who perform the examination have a degree in musculoskeletal ultrasound diagnostics.

Ultrasound-guided injection


Ultrasound-guided injection means that we combine the benefits of ultrasound diagnostics and injections. Once we have identified the affected area with the ultrasound, we enter with the needle. In real time, we can then see the needle and guide it into the right area before the preparation is injected.


Shock wave treatment


Shock wave therapy is an effective treatment method for a number of injuries and problems, especially in muscle and tendon structures. Shock wave stimulates increased blood circulation and initiates the healing process in the treated area.

Exercise rehabilitation


Exercise rehabilitation is specifically targeted functional training with a focus on healing injury, getting the structures to quickly get into a good movement pattern and gradually hold for more load. All physiotherapists with us at Alta Vita are trained in sports medicine and have extensive experience of exercise rehabilitation.


Medical running analysis


Do you get pain when you run or do you want to minimize the risk of injury when you run? Book an appointment with one of our experienced leg. physiotherapists for examination, tests and an analysis of your running. After these, you will receive clear suggestions for measures to rehabilitate or prevent your running-related problems.

Physiotherapy or physiotherapy?


On 1 January 2014, the Swedish Parliament decided that a physiotherapist will be a new professional title for physiotherapists and that both professional titles will be protected in the future. It will continue to be the case for a long time that both titles will be used as names for the same profession. We at have chosen to change the title to Leg. physiotherapist.

Physiotherapy at Alta Vita Physiotherapy

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