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OMT (Orthopedic Manual Therapy)

What is OMT (orthopedic manual therapy)?


Physiotherapy education is a broad education that gives us a good foundation for the physiotherapy profession. After that, most of us immerse ourselves in the branch that interests us the most. We who work at Alta Vita Physiotherapy have, in addition to many years of experience in the profession, all chosen to immerse ourselves in OMT (Orthopedic Manual Therapy). OMT is a specialist area in physiotherapy where they work with examination, treatment and prevention of pain in joints, muscles and nerves. Based on a holistic view, an analysis is made of the patient's medical history, pain and functional status, this includes a manually performed examination of joints, muscles and nerves in the back and extremities. The treatment can consist of pain relief, movement-increasing and stabilizing measures such as soft tissue treatment, muscle stretching, mobilization, manipulation and stabilization training. Measures may, in that emergency phase, be specifically aimed at individual joints or symptomatic structure or more generally comprehensive based on the patient's clinical picture. Subacutely, the manual treatment is supplemented with specifically targeted training rehabilitation under supervision and as self-training, in order to prevent relapse.

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Physiotherapy at Alta Vita Physiotherapy

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