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We give you a tailored analysis of your running


What distinguishes our medical running analysis from a regular running analysis is that it has a focus on searching for weak links that can be risk factors or causes of pain when you run. Our medical running analysis is performed our Leg. Physiotherapists who have extensive experience in orthopedics and sports medicine. You come to us if you have any type of irritation or injury that interferes with your running or if you want to minimize the risk of injury when you run.

The purpose of our medical running analysis is to highlight physical risk areas for injury and optimize the running step itself. This is to keep down the load that the body is exposed to when you run and give suggestions for action.

During normal operation, e.g. knee with 2-4 times your body weight when you put the weight on the leg. When running, that force is 4-6 times your body weight. Add a few thousand steps as it can be during a running round, so it is no wonder that overload injuries easily occur.


The following elements are included in the medical running analysis:

  • Conversations about running habits and other training, possible injuries, illnesses etc.

  • Functional tests with the intention of illuminating any areas that could cause or already be a cause of discomfort when running.

  • Filmed running on a treadmill from different angles. Together, we go through the film sequences and analyze your running technique. You get suggestions for adjustments that you directly test on the treadmill, which is filmed again. New analysis of the adjustments is done together with you.

  • In summary, we give you concrete suggestions for measures, based on what has emerged from conversations, tests and running. Suggestions can consist of specific exercises to strengthen one or more areas of neglected strength, coordination and balance exercises, mobility exercises and technical suggestions that are related to your running.


Our goal is to give you the keys you need to be able to run without difficulty.

Medical running analysis SEK 1100

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