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Why ultrasound diagnostics?

Musculoskeletal (Msk) ultrasound scan is a radiological examination method to primarily examine the soft parts of the body, such as e.g. muscles, tendons, ligaments, mucous membranes, vessels and nerves. In addition, we can see bones, cartilage surfaces and swelling in joints. Ultrasound examination is performed from the shoulders to the fingertips, from the hip to the tip of the toe. We can see the extent of the damage and give you a professional assessment. You will be notified directly by us and we can thus give you a more accurate proposal for optimal rehab. If the injury is serious, you will receive a statement from the ultrasound examination to the next instance.

We at Alta Vita Fysioterapi have chosen to get the best possible ultrasonic equipment Sonosite X-Porte. The result depends on the knowledge of the contractor and the quality of the technical equipment. Stefan Forsman and Ricardo Lindblom who perform this examination here at Alta Vita Fysioterapi have a degree in musculoskeletal ultrasound diagnostics. Both have many years of experience in both ultrasound diagnostics and  ultrasound-guided injections.


Benefits of ultrasound:

  • You can examine while touching the affected area. Something you can not do with a magnetic camera examination.

  • You can easily compare the affected page with the unaffected page and thus get a more objective comparison.

  • The patient receives direct feedback on any findings from the examination. These can be seen on the screen immediately or after the examination.

  • It does not affect pacemakers, implants or other metallic fragments in the body.

  • There are currently no known side effects of this type of study.

  • No risk of claustrophobia.


  • Structures inside the joint itself can be difficult to see.

  • It is difficult to diagnose back and neck problems.

What is ultrasound?

Simplified, the ultrasound acts as an echo sounder. The sound waves that return from the examined tissue are converted into electrical energy that is displayed on a monitor. Depending on how compact a tissue is, you see these in different shades of gray and an image emerges. In damaged tissue, we can see, among other things, swellings, ruptures and thickenings

With Doppler you can see blood flows in different structures. In the case of an injury to a muscle or tendon, an increased amount of vessels is often seen in and around the injury. These findings may further strengthen our diagnosis.

You can come to us for an examination privately or possibly through your insurance company if you have a private health insurance.


Ultrasound diagnostics SEK 1450

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